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Eden Christian Academy is one of very few schools to implement the Feuerstein teaching method, supporting individual students diagnosed/identified with learning difficulties and/or abilities. We have had amazing results from the work done with small groups of students for 1-2 hours per week.

In short, the following from the Campuslink Foundation Newsletter about the Feuerstein method:

“Pivotal Changes to Children’s Learning”

“Specific, cognitive tasks are increasing the IQ of a child.

Learning disabled children can access pivotal intervention exercises that increase learning capacity and return to mainstream classrooms – never to need Learning support again.

Instead of measuring a child’s knowledge, the ability to learn is evaluated first.

Intelligence is not fixed, but able to be developed.

Intelligence can be taught, intelligence is in fact the ability to learn.”


“Beyond failure lies an abundance of strength they never dared to dream about. The cannot reach this life of success and strength because they don’t have the tools to overcome the obstacles. We hand them the tools.”

“We are changing the Rules of the Game.”